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If you want to make delicious herb tea, especially if you are just starting out making herb drinks,  you might need a herb tea recipe. Well, you have come to the right place as we have a list of herb tea recipes.

What is tea, if not liquid gold?

Tea refers to any drink made from herbs, other plants, tree parts, fruit or from the actual tea bush. There there are 5 types of tea derived from the tea plant based on the extent of fermentation and oxidation of the leaves (black, green, oolong, white, yellow). In many cases black and green tea are used as the base for the drink with herbs and fruits as additions or accents. Any tea products you need to make your herb tea can be purchased easily.

Herb tea recipes are simple

What’s great about tea is that is so simple yet sooooo delicious. Tea is the second most popular drink worldwide. As long as you have your tea ingredients, the general steps are to steep the tea (let it stand) in hot water to extract the nutrients and the amazing flavor and aroma. There are useful utensils for making tea like tea infusers, and tea balls that simplify your tea making. The sooner you steep, the sooner you sip!

Your tea is entirely up to you

How strong should your tea be? The strength of the tea can be adjusted by adding more tea for an amount of water. When I was growing up, I was known as the one in the family who couldn’t get enough tea. I had my own special mug which was huge, but the amount was never enough so I would sometimes add  water to whatever amount of tea my parents gave me so I would have “more tea”. Obviously, that left me drinking very mild tea.  You might love your tea strong so that you get that intense flavor or you might like it mild, just for hydration purposes, especially since tea is a great way to get lots of water intake.

Choose your tea products

To make your herb tea, you should get all your ingredients. You can also use loose tea or tea bags. You can use fresh herbs or dry herbs. I personally think using fresh herbs is best, and it is easier if you have your very own garden. It is also great if you have access to fresh herbs from a market. Concerning dry herbs, it is now very easy to get herbs for tea blends online and make that part of your herb tea recipe. In addition to the herbs and tea, another ingredient you might need is a sweetener.

Herb Tea Sweetening

You may or may not like to sweeten your herb tea. If you do, my recommendation is to use natural sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup instead of refined sugar. The benefit of maple sugar is that it add important nutrients and that great maple flavor to your tea.

Drink to your health

There are many herbs that have great benefits and using them as a tea is pretty smart. You will probably have a reason for choosing the particular type of herb that you use in your herb tea. I grew up drinking teas from herbs and other plants for many different health reasons. As a “cooling” for general health, as a treatments for “epwidan” after a fall, as cold medicine and so on.

My dad has an amazing herb tea recipe for the cough, which he learnt from my grandmother. There was one time I had a really bad cough for a long time (must have been 2 to 3 weeks). When I visited my parents house, my dad went out to the gardens and he came back with three roots and made a pot of tea with them. I coughed a bit that day but I literally coughed only once the following day and then my cough was gone. Even I was shocked. Here on myherbteas.com you can find lots of information on beneficial herb teas for reasons such as cold, cough, weight loss and general well-being, that are researched and accurate.

 Some like it hot

The great thing about tea is that it can be drank hot or cold. Most of the herbal teas that I drank growing up were served hot. In some cases, the heat was an essential part of the beverage such as with herbal tea for the cold. Use your herb tea recipes and experience to make delicious herb teas for years to come.

If that’s your cup of tea…

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  1. I love Chamomile tea. I am actually growing real Chamomile flowers in my backyard and when they get big enough, I plan to harvest and make them into real organic tea. And I love using honey and a little bit of cardamom spice in my tea. It really makes a unique tea experience!

    • Em

      Way to go Sophia! Sounds like you have lots of relaxed, stress-free days ahead from drinking that chamomile tea..

  2. Hi Thanks for highlighting one of my all time drinks which is tea. and I simply can’t get enough of it. people love their tea of whatever strength it is, I love my tea with some milk but my brother drinks his without it. I never tried it with maple syrup so I give this a go. by and large, my whole family drinks tea and Ireland as a whole which is the third in the world which consumes more tea

    • admin

      Hi Mike, that’s awesome! I drink mine with milk sometimes too. It actually depends on how full I feel at the time. Happy tea drinking!

  3. My family love drinking tea especially during winter,it really keep us warm. I love giving chamomile tea with honey to my kids whenever they have cold,is medicinal although I haven’t try the fresh one but I will love to give it a try someday. I can’t do without tea in my home.

    Great post!
    Kind regards

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