Papaya Leaf Tea Benefits – A tropical powerhouse

The main papaya leaf tea benefits are numerous:

  • Papaya leaf is good for diabetes. When the leaf is almost yellow, you can pour hot water over the leaf and let it steep. Drink when cool.
  • Cleansing the body: Papaya leaf is also an excellent cleanser of the body.  It can be used anyhow, but it is more effective when the leaf is turning yellow and best when the papaya tree is grown in a sunny area.
  • It is also good for inflammation.
  • It helps with relieving menstrual cramps.
  • Papaya leaf is also good for insomnia. You can drink it before bed, as it relaxes you to sleep.
  • Papaya leaf or papaya leaf extract is recommended for treating low platelet counts.
  • It is good for dengue, zika, chikungunya. It was reported that during the epidemic of zika, people in the Caribbean who used the papaya leaves beforehand never got zika and those who took it after, got well more quickly. The anti-malarial effects have also been reported.

Combining papaya leaf with other ingredients improves the flavor:

The flavor of papaya leaf tea is bitter. How bitter it is depends on the amount of papaya leaf you use and whether you use fresh papaya leaves or papaya tea bags. The tea made from papaya leaf tea bag is much milder than using fresh papaya leaves. Similar to other plants, the papaya leaf can be combined with other teas to improve the flavor. It can be drank with honey or maple syrup which will also improve the flavor.

There are other ways of using papaya apart from the tea of the leaves:

  • Ripe papaya is eaten as a fruit
  • Ripe papaya can be made into a drink or smoothie and is excellent when prepared with mango or passion fruit or lime.
  • When papaya is half ripe it can be used in a salad. To make the salad, chop up the papaya just as you would chop mangos. Especially when the papaya is getting ripe, you can make it into a salad.
  • You can make papaya au gratin with the green papaya.
  • Half ripe papaya can be cooked in a similar method to a squash.
  • Papaya flowers can be sautéed as a side dish.
  • Papaya can be used as a meat tenderizer when it is green. To use, dice the papaya. For meals such as stews you add the papaya to the meat when you begin cooking it.

Where to buy papaya tea

If you do not have access to fresh papaya leaves, you can purchase papaya leaf tea bags or loose papaya leaves. The tea using papaya leaf tea bags is a soothing tea. It has a much milder flavor than fresh green papaya leaves, but it is a good alternative. It is therefore ideal for someone who doesn’t want a tea that is too strong or bitter.

It is also important to purchase certified organic leaves. Fresh papaya fruit can be purchased from the market or grocery store. To buy the tea bags, they can be picked up at a grocery store or purchased online.

Papaya Leaf extract benefits

There are benefits to using the extract of the papaya leaf. In a study published in The Journal of Association of Physicians in India it was found that papaya leaf extract increased the platelet count in dengue fever, without any observed adverse side effects with patients with thrombocytopenia, a complication of dengue fever. Outside of the study, while not everyone has seen a notable difference with their platelet count from using the papaya leaf, those who actually saw an effect attributed it to using the fresh-picked papaya leaves instead of the papaya extract.

Papaya leaf extract dosage

For most supplements, the papaya leaf extract dosage is one papaya leaf extract capsule with food, twice per day. Similarly, for the health benefits of papaya tea, it should be drank twice a day. The papaya leaf extract is 2-3 times stronger than papaya tea. Papaya extract can also be purchased in liquid form.

Papaya tea recipe

1 tea bag per person/ 5 small pieces of fresh papaya leaves

1 cup of hot water

Pour hot water over papaya tea bag or over fresh papaya leaves in a tea pot.

The amount of time to steep the papaya tea is about 4 – 6 minutes long while covered.

Not everyone likes the taste of papaya, but with such enumerable benefits, everyone should drink it occassionally. 


    • Hi! You can use your preferred method of crushing the fresh leaves to get the paste and apply to your skin. The easiest way is to use a food processor. Add some water to improve on the consistency for application to the face, and body too. The papaya fruit pulp can also be used in the same way for acne.

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